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Born:March 8, 2005
Knoxville, Tennessee
Died:September 26, 2020
Knoxville, Tennessee

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The first day my family brought Biscuit home was the best day. 

I was 5 years old and was playing at my cousins house. My mom and I went next door as we heard there were miniature schnauzer puppies for sale. The initial purpose of going to the neighbors house truly was to just look and play! Out of a bundle of puppies Biscuit stood out due to his spunkiness and energetic spirit. Biscuit came right up to my mother and I and wanted to play. We ended up bringing him home and he has been apart of our family ever since.

I don’t remember a life without him and am beyond saddened to start a life without him. I am thankful to have had the best memories of a life time.

Biscuit was able to pick me up on the hard days. Biscuit gave me kisses when I needed them. Biscuit loved always. Biscuit made me laugh. Biscuit made me adventurous. Biscuit showed me love. Biscuit was loyal. Biscuit was always ecstatic to see me. Biscuit never took a day for granted.

I will miss every second of life without him by my side.

Biscuit I will miss spending Christmas mornings with you & helping you open your gifts. I will miss sneaking your bites off of the kitchen table. I will miss giving you extra treats and seeing how happy you get. I will miss taking you on walks so you can pee on every mailbox in the subdivision. I will miss you growling at our neighbors in an act to protect me. I will miss your happiness and how contagious it was. I will miss you opening my door and licking my cheek to wake me up in the mornings. I will miss you bringing out all your toys in the house and continuously switching to play with each one. I will miss us going to Starbucks to get you a pup cup. I will miss you visiting me in Alabama in your adorable jersey. I. Will. Miss. It. All.

Thank you for being the best dog in the entire world.
I will never forget you and I will never replace you.

Rest easy and in peace. I hope there are a million treats awaiting for you.

I love you more than words can express. Thank you for being my best friend.
Biscuit and I on Christmas Morning
Added by Katie White
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