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Born:March 30, 2013
Died:May 26, 2020
Flora was my birthday gift when I was 9. She was most definitely the only gift I would never take for granted. I wouldn't have thought her death was going to happen so soon. I used to wonder if she will someday attend my graduation. I thought this summer was going to be the best summer because the fact that me and my family couldn't travel, like we always did every single year. So, I thought that this year would be special because I would be spending my summer days with Flora. In fact, it was going to be my first birthday celebration with her. But, I was wrong. She left before I got the chance to do all that. She was sick, but none of the doctors could diagnose the disease. She did look different, more depressed and weaker. But for once, I never thought she was that weak that she had to leave all of us, especially me. She was in comma for 4 days. Not even once, I lost hope. I was very determined that she was going to survive and be with us again. On the fourth day of her comma, my mom said to her: "If you could still fight it, please do. But if not, it's all right. Take a rest, you deserve it." 
The next day, Flora decided to rest in peace and that was when I realised I didn't get the chance to say goodbye when she could still hear me.

Flo, if ever I had the chance to just go back in time, I would stop all this hurting that you felt. But if I couldn't, at least let me say goodbye. We've missed you. I miss you. Very much, you can never imagine.

Rest in peace.
I love you, Mcfluffy.

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