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Born:March 1, 2005
Rogue River
Died:June 27, 2020
Delilah was a lovely lady that had a bit of an attitude when she was young, she enjoyed singing along to Old McDonald or Twinkle Twinkle together and to play with milk jug rings. She didn't play personally with us, but she always was excited to play with string or chew on plastic. I knew her for as long as I can remember since she was my second childhood cat, with Sparkey, in 2005. She was graceful even as she aged. I have a video on my old 3DS of her getting comfortable at my first childhood home, and I will hold that video to my heart. I always thought she was a bit cranky, but in reality she showed her love plenty whenever she wanted to. She and Sparkey made my childhood full of cuddles in the sun and on the couch.
I will always remember you, and I hope you and Sparkey are finally cuddling together remembering to visit us.
I will love you forever, Delilah. Please don't ever forget that.
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