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Advertise With Us is a rapidly growing website, emerging as the most popular pet memorial site on the Internet.  We currently attract approximately 200,000 visitor sessions per month with a historic average of over a half million page views per month.

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We accept quality ads that maintain the integrity of our web site.  Once approved, each ad will appear on every web page throughout the site, for the time period specified.  There is no rotation with other ads, so a single 1-month payment is likely to yield over a half million impressions to the visitors of our website.  Note that no ads appear on memorials.  And, yes, we do accept animated ads.

Advertising Rates

Maximum ad size (pixels) Maximum file size Price per month
160w x 200h 50K $299 U.S.
160w x 150h 30K $179 U.S.
160w x 100h 20K $119 U.S.
160w x 50h 10K $69 U.S.

Sample Ad Sizes

160w x 50h
160w x 100h
160w x 150h
160w x 200h

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To submit an ad, simply send an email to [email protected].
Include in your email:

  • Your actual ad, as an attachment (.JPG, .PNG or .GIF format)
  • Destination URL for visitors who click on your ad (e.g.
  • Date you want your ad to start to appear
  • Number of months the ad should appear
  • Contact name and email address

If your ad is approved, you will receive an email containing payment instructions.

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