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Everyone working at is a pet owner and pet lover. This site was created as a genuine service for people who have loved and lost a pet, as we have. We have discovered that an online memorial is a wonderful way to help the grieving process and to create a lasting remembrance. Our members tell us the same thing every day. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartingWishes Inc., a privately held corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. PartingWishes Inc. is an independent organization which provides a number of Internet-based services to the public in the areas of legal document creation, estate planning, advance directives, funeral plans, wills, power of attorney, living wills, medical health care directives, final messages, and online memorials. Formed in September 2000, the company has a dedicated team devoted to ensuring high customer service, as well as an extensive list of partners and private investors. For more information about PartingWishes Inc. and the services it provides, visit

Join the thousands of people who have already created online memorials using our valuable service.

Donations donates all of its profits to The Humane Society of the United States, The Humane Society of Canada, and other select non-profit animal wellness causes. All of these non-profit organizations are dedicated to the humane care of pets and other animals in our society.

We calculate our profits as any incoming revenue (primarily from members who choose to add more space or time to their pet memorial beyond the standard free 3 months and 10 Megabytes of space), less our ongoing operating expenses for this website (such as web hosting fees, storage fees, administrative costs, maintenance, upgrades, etc.).

Our Executive Team

Tim Hewson
Tim Hewson

Chief Executive Officer is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartingWishes Inc., co-founded in 2000 by Tim Hewson. After gaining business experience in large corporations in the UK and Canada, Tim has worked in developing a number of successful businesses over the last few years.

"The work on is one of the most satisfying that I have had ever been involved with. The loss of a pet is so traumatic, and it is often very difficult to think of a fitting tribute to your most loyal companion. I was thrilled that we are able to offer these services free of charge, and I know that creating an online memorial can help people in their difficult time of loss."

Tim currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his chocolate Labrador Retriever, 'Tetley'.

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Henry Raud
Henry Raud

President and Chief Technology Officer

Henry lost his beloved dog of 8 years, 'Kahlua', to a sudden stroke in 2002. He and his family found great comfort in creating an online memorial for Kahlua, to preserve the memories and to commemorate her life as an important part of the family.

"It was an extremely satisfying experience to create such a tribute for such a wonderful pet, and it really helped my kids go through the grieving process." It wasn't long before the idea of creating a website so that other grieving pet owners could do the same was born:

Henry has over 20 years experience in the software development industry. He has held several technology & executive positions and has successfully delivered many complex software development projects.

Henry and his family are now raising a new black Lab, named 'Mango'.


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Bereavement Counsellor

Shiri Joshua
Shiri Joshua

M.A. (Couns. Psych), OACCPP

Pet Loss Bereavement Counsellor

Shiri Joshua acquired her educational background at York University in Toronto, and the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Toronto/Chicago. She is the director and founder of Mental Health Resources Canada (MHRC), an online community of mental health professionals.

She is the founder of the S.O.U.L. Academy: School of Compassion.

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Advisory Team

Gordon Allison, BSc - Human Factors Consultant

Cindy Harm, BA, MBA - Senior Business Advisor, New York, NY, U.S.A.

John Lumsden, CISSP - Principal Engineer, Tangible Consulting

Bradley M. Sniderman - Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

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