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Born:July 7, 2011
Died:March 10, 2020
Millstreet Ireland
Rocky R.I.P  10/03/2020  17.00
Your right here in my heart Rocky, will always remember the many walks we had and the many trips out in the car, so sorry Rocky we had to part after 8 years but your free now and no more pain.

MANY great times in the 8 years of us together and I'll hold all those memories close to my heart, you were the BEST DOG and it was a pleasure to have had you.....Miss you everyday and thinking of all the times we had together.

Everything I do will remind me of you, the walks, trips in the car, so many happy memories and many pictures and videos of you been so hyper and happy, we had a beautiful life together my heart is broken, my life is so empty without you, miss you in the living room lying down on your blue Reebok mat near the TV, it hurts so much not having you.

When outside playtime how you used to love catching your frisbee, you loved the road trips in the car and the MANY walks we had together, MISS hearing your ferocious bark that protected me over the years, and when I sleep you were guarding me !!

Your gone now and I'm broken hearted but I know your with me in spirit by my side, memories of you will live on, rest in peace ''ROCKY'' Forever my friend...
Rocky RIP iMG02.JPG
Added by John
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2020-03-10 Rocky RIP iMG02.JPG
Added by John
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