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Born:June 14, 2007
Died:February 6, 2020
Buddy, the sweetest and kindest cat that ever walked the earth. I got Buddy when he was 6 years old right after my beloved dog Bear passed away. Buddy helped me find myself again and was by my side through some of the hardest times of my life. You will always be in my heart and you are a part of my soul. no other cat understood me as you did. when I was sad you came right to me every time you just knew. even as you were falling asleep in my arms you purred to comfort me. I will never forget your purr. you are the tweet-tweet king. Buddy, We love you so much. I will miss having you push buttons on my laptop while I'm working. Having your paw on my hand and you sneaking into bed with me at night to sleep on my chest. when you rubbed your nose on anything plastic and how you rubbed your paws on our legs to tell us you wanted a treat. you are amazing Buddy you helped us live in happiness. without you, this is so hard. your brother Mickey misses you too. he has been looking for you and I gave him some grass and told him it was from you. I wish I would have given you some before I took you in. I did not know I was going to lose you. I love you Buddy bay I always will. you are my angel.
My Buddy and I
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Mommy, Buddy, and Mickey
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Personal Notes

I love you so much baby. your my baby your mommys baby too... your our angel.
Added by Amy

Rip buddy your in God's hands now you'll be as good as a pet to god as you was amy
Added by Rachel
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