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Born:November 25, 2009
Died:June 18, 2019

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Tinkerbell was a Chihuahua. Not just any chihuahua but the most loving, special kind of dog. She had this ability to speak to me and within that it taught me unconditional love and faithfulness. I had this sense of profound joy, and love when I was with her. She brought life back to me and showed me a way to redemption through love. Her love was absolute and her loyalty was immeasurable. She was almost annoyed at times if there were too many people around and there are many that said she had the best eye roll there was. She preferred it to be just her and I. She liked quiet and her favorite thing was to cuddle but it always had to be on her terms. She loved to be scratched and she loved kisses but had to be in the mood to kiss you back. She was always there when I got home and her little tail (it was shaped like a little piggy tail and it was one of my favorite things about her) was always wagging. She loved treats. Her favorite was "Pup-Peroni" dog treats. During her last year of life, she had health issues and her back knee would bother her and caused pain. I bought her a stroller so she could still enjoy walks and she loved it. She loved to be outside watching nature and she loved burrowing in the blankets. She wasn't just any dog, she was my sweet companion and she never gave up on me. I will always love her and always be thankful for the time we spent together and I will always be indebted to her for showing me the special kind of love that only a dog can. May my sweet girl rest in peace and be free from pain. Till we meet again...
Tinkerbell enjoying the outside
Added by Her mom, Laura

Tinkerbell enjoying her stroller
Added by Her mom, Laura

Tinkerbell on one of her favorite blankets
Added by Her mom, Laura

Tinkerbell and her tongue
Added by Her mom, Laura
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Personal Notes

I'm so lucky to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard....
Added by Her mom, Laura

I am so very grateful Tinkerbell and Laura found one another! They were meant to be.... so many hugs, love and tears were shared between the two of them.... a special bond that is only experienced once in a lifetime ?? Rest In Peace sweet girl .... grandma will miss you
Added by Jean Thornell

You are so right that if you didn't love her you wouldn't have to go through such a hard goodbye. What a lovely tribute you made for Tinkerbell. Her life was enriched because of you. - Denise ???
Added by Anonymous

This touches my heart! I'm so sorry for your loss! May you be reminded of her love and loyalty always. Rest easy sweet baby!!! You must have been a special baby! I wish I could have met her. Hugs Laura
Added by Anonymous
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