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Graci Amor
Forever Our Best Friend
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Born:December 6, 2008
Tallahassee, Florida
Died:March 31, 2019
Tallahassee, Florida

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My sweet Graci Amor Risech came into my life 12/06/2008. I remember this night like it was yesterday. I went to unplug the Christmas tree and she was lying under the tree and as I unplugged the tree she wiggled her way into my arms, and from there stole my heart. She was such a blessing in my life. Full of so much sass, love and happiness. There was nothing she wouldn't do for me. She became basically the "nanny" that was her first real job. She loved children of all walks of life and protected them like no other. She was a special part of a lot of people's lives. Those who knew her understood her heart. The most SMART, LOVING, trusting, loyal, honest, caring baby. I was very blessed to have been hand picked to be her mommy. She will forever live on in our hearts, and though its very hard to wake up and not see her face, or come home after a long day to love on her, her memory will forever live on around us and in our hearts.

Graci Amor walked with me through some of the hardest times of my life, she dried my tears when I was sad. She always waited patiently for me to return home everyday from work.. I would go home everyday at the same time to spend my lunch hour with her and you would always find her waiting for me sitting in the window. That was her favorite place to be. She did not like being outside without someone.. we celebrated birthdays together and other holidays. She always looked forward to opening her gifts, playing with toys. Going for car rides even if it was only to the store and back. She loved her Sunday warm baths and egg breakfast. Even though I could never make eggs like her nana did, she appreciated me trying.

Nana use to come over and have sleep overs. Watch her when I rarely went out with friends which was rare. But nana was one of her favorites.
She loved her sleep overs with Gavin aka brother and Best friend Madyson, aunt Keli and uncle Chris. She spent time here and there with Aunt Shali, Sj and the circus they had lol even though she loved going around and staying the night off I always would get anxiety because even though she was loved and taken care of I missed her even though I knew she was off having fun, getting treats, going on car rides and loving life and that's all that mattered was she was having a good time.

Fast forward

I'll NEVER forget when Graci Amor was going to be a "Big Sister " she was super excited. I had gotten a monkey with her soon to be baby brothers heartbeat on it and would play it for Graci everyday, this is something she looked forward to hearing. Anytime she heard her baby brother Kash's heartbeat she would kiss that monkey over and over. As time went by her baby brother was born 7/23/2014. I'll never forget the day coming home from the hospital she was waiting at the door, so excited to see her brother . She was so gentle and calm but wanted nothing more than to love her brother and protect him, and that's just what she did. They became the best of friends. Whenever baby brother Kash would cry (rarely) but when he did I remember Graci starting to cry as if I were not "moving fast enough " she slept by his crib every night. She was our world. She did everything with us. Graci being just like her mommy made friends wherever she went. But don't let it fool you she knew a "monster" when she seen one and she kept them away from us and protected us and loved us regardless of any situation.

A few years down the line 10/4/2017 Graci and Kash's baby sister Mandalynn was born and the same cycle continued she loved my sweet girl and protected her just as much as Kash. Us 4 shared a special bond together one unbreakable. We all lost a huge piece of ourself when we lost our angel 3/31/2019 the 11 years we spent together were amazing. The only thing we wished we could have changed would have been to stop time and have had more time with Graci. If only time could stand still..
I know that she is with us everyday, she lives on within us and has visited us I feel it in my heart.

Last night I asked for a sign and without going into detail, she blessed us with an unexpected blessing... and I know she was with me.. I know it... so I paid it forward to the next deserving person. I know Graci has seen me struggle and also seen me when we were on top of the world and she was always there to be thankful and even if I didn't have much in life I always had her and my other 2 babies.. the love we all share noone can compare.. there is so much to the story, so it actually never ends... She will forever live within us.
Like the song says: Sometimes in life, we come across a love unknown, and that there is exactly how it all began.. you never know how something or someone can bring love, joy and happiness to another person.. My heart will forever hurt without her here.. my bed with always have more room now, I won't have her to snuggle or keep me warm.. my kids have cried theirselves to sleep asking for sweet Graci but they know she is in Heaven... forever will be missed.. love you forever my angel.


Forever our Best Friend
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Mommy &Graci
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Best Friend &Graci
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