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Baby garcia
Never forgotten

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Born:March 28, 1996
Died:July 16, 2018
Baby was beyond amazing. She loved everyone , I felt like she was always there for me always coming with me , she never left me. Getting up and following me , she always followed me no matter where I was. She loved chicken , we would have a “go chicken dance” go chicken go chicken and she would dance all over the place. She was my Bestfriend during heart breaks , the pain I felt was indescribable I miss you , I never expected you to leave me , my feelings need to be out cause holding it in gives me distorted thoughts. I just miss you . These thoughts I have show how much I love you , I pray to god to get me through this , it’s days I feel good and days I just don’t , it’s a on and off thing, loosing you hurts so damn much I think it’s worse than a heartbreak . I want to live like you so your memeory can live on . You loved everyone and lived happy no matter what pain came your way I feel like the devil tries to knock you down when you already feel down. But I believe god will help me through these thoughts , I believe god won’t let me fall, I remember what my ex said sometimes things happen for a reason , and I get angry trying to figure out what that reason was, why?? Why?? Why the most beautiful dog I loved with my whole heart. Every time I cried baby was there when I had anxiety baby was there she always been there for me and I was always there for her. I think she loves me and talks about me all the time
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