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Always in my Heart

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Born:July 19, 1999
San Francisco, Ca
Died:July 28, 2017
San Francisco, Ca
Bruno was my very special cat for 18 years. He is greatly loved and missed.
He was special looking. He had a white lighting bolt stripe on his head (I called his Harry Potter scar), antd a little grey spot on his right paw that looked like a chocolate chip. He had a very long tail the longest I have ever seen on a cat.

He was very smart. He was able to open a closed door by the handle, and re-arrange the pillows on the bed to make a fort for himself. He instinctively knew my routine , and what was going on that day.
He was strong. He could jump up to the top of the entertainment center in a single bound, and tear off around the house at breakneck speed chasing some invisible thing. He was never sick in his 18 years until a month and a half before he passed.
Most of all he was special because he loved me so unconditionally. He always wanted to be near me no matter what. He would get up early with me on the days I worked without fail. He was never angry or disappointed in me, and would dismiss my faults without question.
He provided this incredible love and companionship for 18 years. I am so greatful to him, and love him so much for it. I will never forget him, he was the first cat I got on my own as an adult.
I remember 18 years ago when I first saw him at the shelter. He put his little head on my chest as I held him, and that was when I knew he was the cat for me. That is where he still is today with me in my heart, he will always hold a special place there, and will never be forgotten.




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