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He went with the dignity he lived life

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Born:October 1, 2002
Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA
Died:August 4, 2017
Wellington, New Zealand
Jynx came into my life, when I was homesick. I had moved to the USA (from NEw Zealand) with my wife, and felt alone, and alien. WE got our first cat. HE made me laugh. When I cried he comforted me, when I lost my mind, he found it...

When we moved back to New Zealand, he came with us. I would have had it no other way. HE was our first child.

Jynx (to quote a certain song) "Came without a farthing". He was a shelter kitty. But he was worth more than money.

In the last 6 months we finally welcomed a human child into our life, after 12 years of trying. Jynx showed him love too.

But my old man was fading.

So on that fateful Friday, it was time. He left us with the quiet dignity he had lived his life with.

I love you old man. You were the best Vam-purr, and I will see you again. Be it in this life, or beyond the mists.




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