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Another Rimadyl Victim
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Born:October 1, 1999
Philadelphia, PA
Died:October 27, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Bandit was a rescue and was my four-legged soul mate. He was the best dog a person could ask for. Huge, fluffy, gentle, smart and obedient. When Bandit was two-years-old, he started having seizures and was treated with medication for the remainder of his life. Right before he was four-years-old, he got a sprain in one of his legs. I took Bandit to the orthopedist that worked at the vet facility with his neurologist. Bandit was prescribed Rimadyl, a NSAID drug used to stop pain and reduce swelling. Unfortunately for Bandit and I, the orthopedist didn't know the warnings and did not give me the required Client Information Sheet that Pfizer provided with the medication. Within in ten days of being given Rimadyl, Bandit's liver was failing. It was necessary to cross Bandit over the Rainbow Bridge. PLEASE NOTE AND SHARE: Rimadyl is a dangerous drug when not prescribed properly and many vets don't know the warnings, even though the FDA, JAVMA and Pfizer have been sending out warnings since 1998! Certain breeds cannot take Rimadyl, certain medical conditions mean you can't give Rimadyl and all dogs should receive a blood test prior to prescribing any NSAID. Bandit was already susceptible to liver disease due to his seizures and he routinely had blood work performed, but the orthopedist didn't bother to check the lab results. Not only did we lost our best friend, but the bill at this vet facility exceeded $1700 to figure out that Bandit's liver was failing. I have tried changing the laws in PA and was lucky enough to have the then State Senator Mike Stack (he is now Lt. Governor) pick up my cause. We did get the PA Code changed, but that is not enough! There are still companions dying due to Rimadyl, because the vets don't know and the owners find out too late. Please share this information with any pet owners you know. Insist that vets give you the Client Information Sheets with all prescriptions and do your research first. Hopefully this will save you the pain that we and many others have gone through. Until we meet Bandit again!


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Rest in Peace
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