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Born:Crimea, Yalta
Died:April 16, 2022
Crimea, Yalta
I get Alice in 2015. She was a year old then. Her ear was torn and she was sitting in a small cage. I guess this environment had a negative effect on her. 
At first, Alice bit me till the blood, snorted and ran away from me.
After many years, I was able to gain her trust. She let me scratch her cheeks and opened her paws for me to scratch her belly. Alice took food from my hands, stopped running away from me.
She showed no signs of any illness. But on the night of April 16 she suddenly felt bad — some kind of fluid was leaking from her nose, she couldn't breathe through her nose and breathed heavily through her mouth. I instilled a nasal spray into her nose, but it didn't help her breathe easier.
Veterinary clinics were closed. More precisely, there is one 24-hour veterinary clinic in my city, but it has very bad reviews, and I also have my own negative experience with this clinic (death of my pet due to improper treatment).
I could take her to the vet during the daytime, but my parent was working at that time. I have a severe mental illness, it prevents me from communication with other people. I really can't control it and get over it, it's almost impossible for me to interact with someone. So she died on that day, April 16th. I feel like it's my fault and I'm a terrible pet parent. I'm sorry, Alice. Rest In Peace.

* I just wanted to say that English is not my first language and there may be errors in the text.
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love you
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