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Born:Austin TX
Died:April 7, 2022

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Stella was a Picasso Calico rescue cat, who'd been sadly declawed (all four paws), by her original owners. We were searching for a certain cat, after a clear cloud formation appeared in the sky, of a rabbit (previous pet), morphing into a cat. We adopted her via Austin Pets Alive [@ Pet Smart], where she had been fostered by Larry, one of the founders of the "No Kill" @ Austin Municipal Shelter. Larry told us Stella was the most affectionate cat that he had ever come across; she kissed people all of the time. We found it to be more than true. She was most happy when she was very close to us; jumping up on our shoulders to nibble on an ear. She was also the most intelligent and care-taking cat we ever came across, who got us through COVID-19, quite literally. We had heard that the Corona Virus was getting out in to the feline population, but didn't get a clear read on how it was manifesting. It appears that she may have contracted the 3rd wave [Omicron], and a nose cold evolved into loss of smell; loss of weight, and finally months later, respiratory failure. 
She was the finest Spirit we've known.

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