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Born:June 20, 2014
Died:September 28, 2021
You were small and cute when you came. You warmed our hearts from the first second you came to our house. We even loved you when you chewed on our things and made a mess every minute but we forgot about that immediately when you looked at us with those big round eyes.
We loved you, we still do, and we will always love you even though you are now in heaven waiting for us to be reunited. Hopefully in heaven there are lots and lots dandelions because you loved them soo much.
We miss you to the moon and back my little furry friend, hopefully you had so much joy and fun with us, like we had with you.
There will never be the one like you and you could never be replaced. In our hearts you will always hold a special place and you are still there running and making a mess. Until we live, you will live in our hearts and our memories.
Lost but will never be forgotten.
Love you so so much Rudica, now and forever.
Easter model
Added by Rudica and his chocolate bunnies
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I will always love you to the moon and back
Added by Ana
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