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Born:August 8, 2008
Died:May 14, 2021
Denmark, Wisconsin
Baxster was very cute, loving and super sassy. He enjoyed kisses and cuddling very much. When a family member was sad, he liked to pay them extra attention.
He really liked giving lots of kisses, whether we wanted them at that moment or not. Mr. Doggy always did his best to keep our legs warm when we slept.
He also enjoyed stealing food, and he was VERY good at it. He would turn pans until the handle was facing off the stove, and then he would flip the whole thing onto the floor. He also wasn’t shy about taking something right out of your hand if he felt you weren’t paying attention.
He also enjoyed barking and occasionally biting our feet if we moved wrong or kicked him in our sleep.
We will forever miss his love, warmth and sassy-ness. He was my best friend. I can still feel his affection in my heart, and I hope that I feel that forever. I bet that I do. Rest In Peace Baxster T. Doggy. We love you.

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