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Born:February 19, 2012
Died:August 23, 2020
Gatsby was our first fur baby. He was found in August 19, 2014 running the streets with matted fur. Sonoma Humane Society brought him in and nursed him back to health. We don’t know how old he was exactly, but they estimated and gave him a birthday of February 19th. They named him Tucker, but we knew that would never work. And it truly didn’t matter, since he was deaf. 

We felt so blessed that he came into our lives. He brought us and our family and friends unimaginable joy. He didn’t care for other dogs but he was always down for cuddles, ear scritches, butt scritches, and the occasional Goldfish.

We’ll never forget your sleep yips and barks, your random calf licks as we would walk around the house, the jingle of your collar as you came up the stairs.

There were a lot of human foods he ignored, but you couldn’t leave him alone with pizza rolls or roast beef sandwiches from Arby’s.

When it was time, we brought him a roast beef sandwich, which he enjoyed and made us cry hysterically.

We were told that we were taking on his pain so he didn’t have to hurt anymore. We love you baby boy, we’ll see you again soon.

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Personal Notes

I always loved seeing Gatsby pop into view on our weekly Zoom check ins and hearing stories about him and the silly things he did. It was easy to see that he was so loved by you. My heart is with you. <3
Added by Madison

Playing catch with his eyeball and was surprised how active he was noticing everyone despite his deafness
Added by Jofu

Gatsby was such a loving little guy. He hated balloons, loved tossing his toys into the fruit salad, and would rummage through our tupperware cabinet to ask for a bowl of water. His big ears that couldn't hear were never a setback to him, and I swear he always had a smile on his face. I will eat some pizza rolls in your honour, bubs. You are well loved, and will be greatly missed.
Added by Lillian

Gatsby was the best pup! So much so that he could turn even the craziest of cat ladies (me) into a dog lover. I always looked forward to cuddling up on the couch with him or seeing how excited he was to play. Andrew and Kathleen gave him a wonderful life and there is no doubt that he gave them a lifetime of love and happiness in return. You have snuggled your way into many of our hearts, Gatsby, and you will surely be missed.
Added by Stephanie Risko

My niece Riley called him Gatsky. When she was younger she would haul him around and he was so patient with her.
Added by Kathleen

The first time he ran away was at the Thompson's house on Justin's birthday. Andrew chased him around the neighborhood and eventually got him back.
Added by Kathleen

One day when I was walking around downtown Healdsburg, I stumbled upon a locally owned pet shop. As I was browsing the shop, I found a super cute "Starbarks" dog toy. Knowing how much Andrew and Kathleen loved their Starbucks, I knew I had to get the toy for Gatsby. Low and behold, he loved his Starbucks (or Starbarks) just as much as his parents!
Added by Anonymous

The first time I met Gatsby he was brought over to the house and he was wearing a corset device around his abdomen. I found out later that it was to prevent him from urinating in the house. It worked as he never urinated in the house. I will miss him and how he used to run up to me and jump in my lap.
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