Why Pet Memorial Art is Making a Comeback

Pet Memorial Art


With the decline in the use of art in death, pet memorial art has not been very prominent in recent history. Fortunately, this beautiful way of celebrating life for pets and for people seems to be making a return.

Memorial Art in History

The parting of ways between you and those you love as they pass is always a difficult time for all involved. To some, celebrating the life of the deceased through memorial art is a way to help bring closure and balance. Looking through history one can see the imprint of death in the art of many cultures, be it the artwork of Charon, crossing the river of the dead on Funerary vases from the 5th and 4th century BC, to the elaborate funeral rites of the Toraja’s of central Sulawesi.

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How To Get Over the Loss of a Pet

pet loss

Photo by Michael Hardy on Unsplash

While this article is here to help you learn how to get over the loss of a pet, you’ll quickly learn that it isn’t something you can just immediately “get over”. Whether you’re trying to cope, or want to help someone else, this can get you started on the right path.

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