Pet loss: Five Positive Ways You Can Change After the Loss of a Pet

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Personal Growth Through Grief: Five Positive Ways You Can Change After the Loss of Your Dog

The bond between a dog and its human is a mysterious thing. Its depth and strength can be the same as that which occurs in close human relationships. And yet, this bond is forged with an animal that, in almost every case, will pass away before its human owner. To embrace a dog is to also embrace its eventual loss.

Dealing with this loss is a journey that almost every dog owner will undertake. It is a loss that is often as painful and long-lasting as a human loss. And you may need to face it with less support, since many people fail to recognize the depth of the human-dog bond, and the grief that dog loss creates.

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However, dealing with this loss can also be the catalyst for growth. Working through the grief can, eventually, bring about positive change.

The loss of a dog can eventually lead to a new openness in your personal relationships. In particular, moving through grief can often result in a willingness to invest in the life of a new pet.

A beloved dog can never truly be replaced. Just as every person is a unique individual, so is every dog. They occupy entirely unique spaces in our lives. Their personalities, habits, and quirks can never be replicated. This is why the thought of adopting a new pet may feel impossible immediately after their death. Continue reading